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Alternative Dispute Resolution Office

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Office, briefly referred to as GRAL, is in charge of developing the necessary actions, within the scope of DGPJ competences, as regards out-of-court dispute resolution, such as:

. Support the implementation and functioning of out-of-court dispute resolution means, in particular, mediation, conciliation and arbitration;

. Promote the implementation and support the functioning of arbitration centres, of the justice of the peace and of mediation systems;

. Ensure that the adequate mechanisms of access to the law, in particular as regards information, legal consultation and legal aid, are put in place.

- Justice of the Peace Courts

- Voluntary Arbitration

- Mediation

- Right of Access to Law and to Effective Judicial Protection

For further information please call 808 26 20 00 or contact us at Av. D. João II, Lote 1.08.01-D/E, Torre H, Piso 1 1990-097 Lisbon

Alt. Dispute Resolution

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