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International Cooperation

The Ministry of Justice’s international cooperation is part of the broad guidelines of the Portuguese foreign policy and plays a relevant role towards attaining the sectoral cooperation goal “Good Governance, Participation and Democracy”, considering that without Justice there is no Rule of Law.

The international cooperation in the Justice area is quite wide-ranging, covering the European Union, the Maghreb and the African and Latin American countries. Notwithstanding, the Portuguese Speaking Countries (PALOP and East Timor) are deemed, for historic reasons and because they share a common language and a similar legal matrix, the main partners of such cooperation.

In line with its legal competences (Decree-Law 163/2001, article 2, paragraph 2/n, of 31 July) the Directorate General for Justice Policy (DGPJ), through its International Affairs Department (GRI) and in close cooperation with Camões, I.P. (the coordinating entity for the cooperation in Portugal), coordinates the international cooperation activities of the different entities under the remit of the Ministry of Justice and ensure the liaison with the entities that, even though not part of the Ministry, play a central and a fundamental role in the Justice area.


Bilateral Cooperation towards Development

Multilateral Cooperation towards Development


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