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Justice Laws

In this section the users may access to the legislation in force in the justice field. This is structured in ten thematic areas, called “Books”.

Each “Book” opens with a preamble where the adopted methods and criteria are described. In every one of the sub-areas there is a table of contents with a link to specific legislation. Every legal act also has a direct link to the text published in the Official Journal.

The search tool may be used to obtain the desired results. The search may be done either by legal act or by works, by means of certain simple rules. Thus:

If the precise denomination and number of the legal act is known, one should write: Decree-Law 000/99, Law 0/2000; Decree-Order 00/1998, etc.

If however one wants to search by subject, simple unequivocal words rather than phrases should be used.

For further information or even suggestions please do feel free to contact the Information and Documentation Centre of DGPJ. CDI@dgpj.mj.pt

The search done in this section does not dispense with the reading of the Electronic Official Journal.

Justice Laws

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