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Strategic Planning

Within the framework of the DGJP, it has been established an area of strategic planning with the purpose to assist the Minister of Justice in the drafting of strategic documents, the Major Government Guidelines within the justice scope, and the follow up and assessment of their implementation. In accordance with its competences as defined by law, the DGJP has the purpose to:

  • Assist the member of Government responsible for the Justice area in the conception, follow up and assessment of policies, priorities and objectives of the Ministry of Justice;
  • Assist in the development of the strategic plans of both the judiciary network and the several justice administration services, as well as to anticipate and follow up on the impact of the social, economic and normative changes regarding the description, location and activities of the justice administration bodies and services;
  • Draft strategic documents for the justice area, namely through contributions to the Major Government Guidelines, and to follow up and assess their implementation;
  • Assist in the definition of the main budget guidelines;
  • Ensure the development of the evaluation service systems in the justice sphere, to coordinate and control its application and to exercise all the competences entrusted to it by law on this matter.


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Strategic Planning

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